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Born of an unholy joining of a malevolent ghost and an unsuspecting duck, Dead Duck was taken in by J.P. Yorick, partly out of sympathy and partly to assure he wasn't a horrible creature whose dark powers had yet to manifest. To date, clumsiness, a short temper and a knack for getting himself beat up are as dark as they got. What makes him J.P.'s top minion is his love for his job, and his unwillingness to back away from a challenge, no matter how hard his head is being stomped on.


A patchwork zombie who's as backwards as her features, Zombie Chick is nonetheless whole in her loyalty and affection for Dead Duck. There is no situation so bad that she will not make worse in her attempts to help her "Ducky". However, her ability to babble incoherently is often an asset, as it leaves most attackers in a blank stupor.


Grumpy, grizzled and granite-like, J.P. still enjoys a good laugh at others' expense, a nicotine fit that could drop a charging rhino, and keeping Dead Duck at an arm's length, but close enough that J.P. can goose him when he's most vulnerable. Truth be told, J.P. has a thick paternal instinct towards Dead Duck and his closest associates. But anyone who prods him about will likely get punched in the neck.


A sacrificed virgin from a long lost civilization, Estelle jumped at the chance to managed RIP, Inc's office, and to be a part of something greater than the appetite of a ravenous demi god. More significant than her contribution to the workplace has been her role in raising Dead Duck, as a friend and parent when he needed it, and a buffer from J.P. when he needed it worse.


A unique employee in J.P.'s regime, Dean is a History Cleaner--a specialist called in to tidy up historical mistakes caused by a minion's error during pick-ups. But with a tendency to over-do the most simple repairs (often with a machete or heavy artillery) Dean brings his own ineptitude to many of his clean-ups. This could be blamed to his lack of a head, which he lost years ago in a freak break dancing accident.

The working stiffs (they're dead, y'see) who deliver the recently deceased to RIP, Inc. for processing. They work long hours for lousy pay and with no health benefits. Not that they need them, anyway (see previously mentioned "working stiff" joke).